Automate your Customer Service

using Yana AI

  • Reduce Costs by 40%

    Reduce the manual intervention required to solve customer queries

  • Zero Wait time for customers

    Wow your customer by giving reducing friction and wait times

  • Reduce Human Errors

    Reduce human errors by automating processes

  • Gain insights from data

    Pinpoint customer pain points through robust analytics

Our Solutions


Customer Service Chatbots

Guided Customer Service Chat to resolve the most critical issues

  • Easy to configure

    Configure your chatflow with no programing knowledge

  • Insightful analytics

    Use our advance analytics to figure out customer pain points


Better Customer Service at a lower cost

  • Integrates with your ERP

    Our team will help integrate our solutions to your existing ERP systems

  • Multi-Channel

    Use on Facebook Messenger, Website, your mobile application and phone support


Build once, use everywhere

  • FB Messenger

  • Your website

  • Your app

  • Your Customer Support Number


And then there was Voice!

Automate your Customer Service Phone Number!


Long, time consuming and expensive voice based support


With Yana AI

Automate Customer Service on the Phone with Yana on Call

  • Voice Bots

    Use our proprietory voice bot technology to have a bot answer queries over a call

  • Automate

    Automate 20-60% of call requests and save costs while improving customer experience

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