What can Yana do for your Business

Supercharge your company using Yana AI

  • Mine Data for insights

    Use our machine learning algorithms convert data to insights

  • Talk to your customers

    Use our chatbots to answer your customer queries and requests

  • Reduce Costs and Time

    Automate large process driven tasks to reduce both time and cost

  • Make Smart Predictions

    Use our neural networks to make intelligent predictions


Best in class solutions for your business

Our Solutions

Some of the areas we are applying AI

Our Chatbots vs. Google Assisstant

Our chatbots can take text and voice inputs and can be used for general conversations, transactions or customer support. We recently benchmarked ourselves against Google Allo, and have some interesting results to show

Meet our team

  • Chatbot expert - IIT Kanpur/ IIM Bangalore/ Cornell/ Goldman Sachs

    Rahul Gupta

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Tech Wizard - Machine Learning expert - PEC/ZS Associates

    Ankit Sharma

  • Tech Wizard - Mobile tech expert - PEC/Gemini Solutions

    Aashish Gupta